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19th April 2014

Panorama with 1 note

UEFA Champions League SemifinalReal Madrid v Bayern Munich

UEFA Champions League Semifinal

Real Madrid v Bayern Munich

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18th April 2014

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Tumblr artists discovery - Mar 2014 →


Artists discovered thanks to curators:
Olaf Breuning | on Tumblr - installation [via actegratuit] *
Nikita Kaun | on Tumblr - illustration [via actegratuit]
Cai Vail - illustration [via actegratuit] *
Giuseppe Cristiano | on Tumblr - illustration [via artforadults]
Lingling Ly | on Tumblr - illustration [via artforadults] *
Luisfelipebueno - illustration (cute) [via artforadults]
Florencia Mir | on Tumblr - drawing [via artforadults] *
Robert Malte Engelsmann aka kaeghoro | on Tumblr - drawing [via artforadults]
Gustavols Prata - collage [via artforadults]
Innes Mcdougall | on Tumblr - painting [via artforadults] *
T. Dylan Moore | on Tumblr - drawing [via artforadults] *
Josh Thornton | on Tumblr - photo [via arpeggia]
Gabriele Beveridge - photo [via arpeggia] *
Alexander Tinei - painting [via atavus]
Hilary Faye Sloane | on Tumblr - collage & gif [via Bhakta’s Weblog] *
Olaf Breuning | on Tumblr - installation [via Bhakta’s Weblog] *
Mark Posey | on Tumblr - painting [via blue-voids]
Nastassja Bosch | on Tumblr - photo [via blue-voids] *
Miguel Esteves | on Tumblr - photo [via darksilenceinsuburbia]
Jaime Rodrigo | on Tumblr - illustration [via darksilenceinsuburbia]
Paolo Patrizi | on Tumblr - photo [via darksilenceinsuburbia] *
Jon Jacobsen | on Tumblr - digital art [via darksilenceinsuburbia] *
Heather Hansen | on Tumblr - performance [via devidsketchbook]
Javier Perez | on Tumblr - illustration (cute) [via devidsketchbook]
Marek Szymczak | Tumblr - illustration [via devidsketchbook]
Rogue Alan Deleon - mixed media [via devidsketchbook]
Elisha Capie | on Tumblr - drawing [via eatsleepdraw]
David Marinos | on Tumblr - illustration & design [via exhibition-ism]
Benjamin Craig - painting [via exhibition-ism] *
Emmanuel Jose - illustration [via fer1972]
Matthias Brown | on Tumblr - drawing & gif [via from89] *
Ibon Mainar | on Tumblr - mixed media [via from89]
Erik Hart | on Tumblr - photo [via hifas]
Noel Badges Pugh | on Tumblr - drawing [via gaksdesigns] *
Blanka Mateno - photo [via iamjapanese]
Jason Urban | on Tumblr - mixed media [via iamjapanese]
Laura Modamio | on Tumblr - drawing (ballpoint) [via just-art] *
Alex Jackson | on Tumblr -  painting [via juxtapozmag] *
Alex Gard - photo (landscape) [via lensblr-network] *
Kei Meguro | on Tumblr - drawing [via leslieseuffert] *
Jon Klassen - illustration [via loic-arnaud] *
Alexander Tinei - painting [via likeafieldmouse]
Ambera Wellmann - painting & photo [via likeafieldmouse]
Tássia Bianchini | on Tumblr - painting (abstract) [via myampgoesto11] *
Ted Basdevant aka Monsieur Ted | on Tumblr - painting [via myampgoesto11]
Blue + Joy | on Tumblr - installation [via myampgoesto11] *
Erin Tucker | on Tumblr - sculpture [via myampgoesto11]
Ville Andersson | on Tumblr (b.1986, Finland) - drawing [via myampgoesto11] *
Michelle Blade - painting [via mydarkenedeyes] *
Rowena Hughes | on Tumblr - mixed media [via nearlya]
Andy Leuenberger | on Tumblr - drawing (bestiary) [via rerylikes]
Kevin Wis* | on Tumblr (France) - photo [via rerylikes]
励 类 सोना दिल Lilei Sona Dil - photo [via rerylikes]
Andreas Zeichenwege on Tapestry | on Tumblr - drawing [via rerylikes]
Quibe | on Tumblr - illustration [via septagonstudios]
Guy Catling | Tumblr - collage [via showslow] *
Maria Vdovichenko - drawing (ballpoint) [via slowartday]
Elly Liyana | on Tumblr - drawing [via sosuperawesome] *
Steve Panton | on Tumblr - [via sosuperawesome] *
Liu Chenyang | on Tumblr - [via sosuperawesome] *
Mohammad Keyvan | on Tumblr - painting [via supersonicelectronic] *
Casey Weldon | on Tumblr - painting [via supersonicelectronic] *
Marija Tiurina | on Tumblr - drawing [via theonlymagicleftisart] *
Pia Habekost | on Tumblr | - mixed media [via theonlymagicleftisart]
Rebecca Yanovskaya | on Tumblr - drawing [via thisisnthappiness] *
Mrzyk & Moriceau | on Tumblr - drawing [via thisisnthappiness] *
Witchoria - photo [via thisisnthappiness] *
Barbara Dziadosz | on Tumblr - illustration [via tumblropenarts] *
David Slebodnick | on Tumblr - illustration [via tumblropenarts]
Greg Stedman | on Tumblr - illustration, typography [via unknowneditors]
Whitney Bedford - painting [via 2headedsnake]

Artists submitted/recommended by our followers:
Rachel Linnemeier | on Tumblr (USA) - painting
Samantha Sealy - photo  
辛力 Xinli (China) - sculpture
Marcos Marchetti (Brazil) - painting
Juan José Calva (Mexico) - illustration
The Art Nirvana - drawing
Rebecca Chitticks | on Tumblr (UK) - painting
plasmaterial (UK) - drawing
Erick Medel | on Tumblr (USA) - photo
Gourdlight | on Tumblr (Poland) - light design
M.W Leitzel | on Tumblr (USA) - drawing
Vanessa Aisling | on Tumblr - photo
Marie Chapuis - drawing
Marla Singer | on Tumblr - photo
Burry Buermans - collage
Sébastien Tabuteaud | on Tumblr (France) - photo
Mefistos | on Tumblr (Italy) - photo
Emma Fick - drawing
Jeffrey Earp - abstract
Axidente - painting
Flo W. Rider | on Tumblr (France) - photo

Find more Tumblr artists featured on Artchipel

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16th April 2014

Panorama with 18 notes

Win, lose or tie…. Madridista till I die.

Win, lose or tie…. Madridista till I die.

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13th April 2014

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H House Sae Min Oh – BANG by MIN [via]

12th April 2014

Panorama with 5 notes

Copa del Rey FinalReal Madrid v FC Barcelona

Copa del Rey Final
Real Madrid v FC Barcelona

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11th April 2014

Panorama with 1 note

Real Madrid v Almeria

Real Madrid v Almeria

Tagged: Real Madridalmerialiga bbvaLa LigaDani CarvajalCarvajal

11th April 2014


Office Selfies

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9th April 2014

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Writer’s Studio in the Woods of Ghent, New York by Cooper Joseph Studio


8th April 2014

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MM House StudioMK27

Images by Fernando Guerra

6th April 2014

Photo with 3 notes

Celebrating 700 members of Madridista Ako (Madrid fans from Philippines)iHala Madrid!

Celebrating 700 members of Madridista Ako (Madrid fans from Philippines)

iHala Madrid!

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5th April 2014

Photo with 5 notes

Not a hater but with consecutive liga games….. (x_x) 

Not a hater but with consecutive liga games….. (x_x) 

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4th April 2014

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Happy Birthday Sami!!!

Happy Birthday Sami!!!

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3rd April 2014

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Learning the language of photography →


“A great photograph is a distillation, a reduction of chaos of our wider experience to a visually satisfying essence where what is excluded is as important as what is included.” - David Ward.

In this article I will describe the “vocabulary” that you can use in your photography to tell an…

3rd April 2014

Photo with 36 notes

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2nd April 2014

Panorama with 4 notes

La Liga Fixture:
Real Madrid v Real Sociedad

La Liga Fixture:

Real Madrid v Real Sociedad

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